Taxes and hunger…

June 10, 2016

Huffington Post – Althia Raj
Tory MP Ted Falk: Liberals Put Themselves Ahead Of Charities By Killing Tax Bill

Conservative Ted Falk had introduced Bill 209 An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (Charitable gifts) but the Liberal government defeated the bill.  Falk wanted the gift to a charity to have the same tax receipt value as when one donates to a political party.  “A $400 donation to a political party currently generates a 75 per cent federal tax credit, or $300 reduction. That same $400 donation to a charity generates a federal credit of $88 — 15 per cent for the first $200 and 29 per cent credit on the other $200.”  The Liberals claim that Falk’s motion would add $1.7 billion to the already $3 billion in tax receipts.”   Falk’s reaction:  “Apparently many still believe that feeding politicians is more important than feeding the hungry.”

BuzzFeed News – Paul McLeod
Bestiality is legal in Canada as long as no penetration is involved, according to a shocking Supreme Court of Canada ruling Thursday.

The SCC has ruled that bestiality without penetration is legal in Canada and has overturned two charges against a convicted man currently serving his sentence on these charges, but among others.  The 7-1 ruling is acknowledging that the changes in criminal law since the early 1800’s neglected revisions of bestiality and critics are now calling for quick legislative fix.   Related article: CBC News – John Paul Tasker    Supreme Court’s bestiality ruling prompts call to change ‘archaic’ animal welfare laws

National Newswatch – Diana Mehta
Appeal court upholds former Tory staffer Sona’s sentence in robocalls case

Michael Sona, the only one convicted in the robot call fiasco, originally was sentenced to 9 months but appealed the sentence as too severe.  Crown attorneys defended the appeal and asked for 20 months.  In the final analysis the 26 year old and the crown were both refused any variation from the original sentence.  Related article: National Newswatch – Bruce Cheadle    Parliament’s ethics watchdog quietly resumes investigation into Nigel Wright

Toronto Star – Laurie Monsebraaten
U of T grads urged to champion a “we” society – Celebrated American social scientist challenges U of T grads to tackle the growing chasm between rich and poor kids.

Commencement speaker season is here and Harvard Social scientist Robert Putnam has some pointed advice for U of T grads.  He notes a global trend to an “I” perspective for society and the decisions governing our lives together and asks his audience is inquire if the Canada today is more or less “we” than 50 years ago.  “The increasing segregation of rich and poor families, where children grow up never knowing a child from “the other side of the tracks is one of three factors driving America’s growing inequality gap… The others are the widening income gap and the disintegration of the working-class family and its social institutions such as bowling leagues…”    Related article: Globe and Mail  Jennifer Keesmaat and Paul Smetanin      ‘Affordable’ housing goes far beyond prices and interest rates   Related article: Globe and Mail – Josh O’Kane    Why low-income entrepreneurs fail to sustain their new ventures

Globe and Mail – Adelina Iftene
Solitary confinement needs to end – it doesn’t even work

A post-doctoral researcher at Osgood Law School, Iftene points out the arguments against solitary and then adds one:  the use of solitary is ineffective for the situations in which it is invoked and has little effective control, especially for those inmates with mental health issues.

Dear Liberal Government….A Letter from Prisoners…  ( )

Many involved professionally in prison reform may be only all too aware of specific details of what shouts for change inside our prisons.  Here’s a challenging way to confirm suspicions about the impact of life inside a Canadian prison.  The inmates themselves and some former inmates speak…  (disponible en français: )  Related article – Ottawa Citizen – Mark Sutcliffe   One day, we’ll factor mental illness in to our criminal justice system

Community Development at the International Finance Corporation, Washington, DC.  – Margot Van Sluytman
Justice and Mining

Here’s a link to an area where we often think justice needs to penetrate more forcibly – short but pointed from Margot.