Last of its kind…

Aug. 1, 2016 

Toronto Star – Robyn Maynard
Let death of Abdirahman Abdi be last of its kind

The death of Abdirahman Abdi at the hands of two Ottawa police officers is drawing widespread outrage that such clearly defined and witnessed events continue to happen and that the official investigation can result in secret reports to the Attorney General, not the public.  Maynard sees the real problem as the failure of police themselves to face the role of prejudice, racism and mental health in this type of repeated incident in Canada.   Related article: Globe and Mail – Patrick Doyle   Hundreds in Ottawa protest death of Abdirahman Abdi, demand change    Related article: Globe and Mail – Craig Forcese and Kent Roach   Entrapment verdict: Canada’s anti-terror strategy found guilty    Related article: Globe and Mail – Laura Stone   Witnesses recount Abdirahman Abdi’s ‘gruesome’ encounter with Ottawa police before his death   Related article: Ottawa Citizen – Aiden Cox, Postmedia News    ‘You think this is funny’: Demonstrators take outrage over Abdi death to Ottawa police headquarters   Related article: Globe and Mail – Ian Bailey   B.C. terror-plot ruling could force police to rethink sting tactics: experts

Globe and Mail – André Picard
Legalize pot, but bring in quality controls

The anticipation of the direction of the parliamentary committee looking at the new legislation around de-criminalizing marijuana is hearing some concerns about quality control of the product when it is used for medical relief.  Picard argues that regulation of the contents of the product is a critical part of the decriminalization.  Says Picard:  “Where dispensaries get their product from is one of the most uncomfortable and most-avoided questions.”

Globe and Mail – Sean Fine
Jody Wilson-Raybould holds private meeting on legal-system reform

On May 19, 20 of this year Federal Justice Minister Wilson-Raybould gathered a specially selected group to get advice about what should come next on the agenda of the justice department.  Though shrouded in secrecy, the answer seems to be to confront the growing numbers in federal prisons.  It appears that literally no one in the consultation saw what has happened in the last ten years within the criminal justice system as healthy.

Globe and Mail – Steven Chase
Ottawa rewrites mandate for screening arms exports

The recent $15 billion sale of personnel carriers to Saudi Arabia was assailed by critics as a violation of export policy because of Saudi Arabia’s  human rights record.  A quiet review and equally quiet publication of the  Report on Exports of Military Goods from Canada by Global Affairs appears to further weakened the mandate rather than supporting the human rights directive of the policy.   Chair of Smart Justice Network Barry Stuart was among the invitees.

National Institute of Justice (US) – Michael Davis, Northeastern University

This link offers a series of Youtube videos that look at the way a police officer interacts with the community, a way of policing based on developing community relations.  The approach tries to focus on the process during the interaction rather than the outcome. The videos include an explanation of what procedural justice means and how the use of these tools can improve the relationship between police and the community.   Related article: National Justice Institute:  Tom R. Tyler  Why Procedural Justice Matters   Related article:   Minneapolis Police Department: Procedural Justice