An end to homelessness…

Oct 20, 2016 

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness and the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness – Stephen Gaetz, Erin Dej, Tim Richter, Melanie Redman
The State of Homelessness in Canada 2016: “Can we prevent and end homelessness in Canada?”  

The 2016 report includes eight national strategies for ending homelessness in Canada.  Pages 4-10 of the report is an executive summary (with major recs) and pages 57-60 has the key recs.  The link is an 87 page downloadable pdf:  Related article:  Vancouver Sun – Garry Marr, Financial Post  Housing policy is being created for the whole country based on markets in Toronto and Vancouver

Globe and Mail – Patrick White
Mental-health group renews call to end prison segregation

“The figures are absolutely alarming and they are great to have,” said Erin Boudreau, manager of policy and community engagement with the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario. “They make the case for the complete overuse of segregation in this province.”  The numbers say that approximately 40% of inmates have mental health issues and that one in five among all inmates will spend time in solitary.  4% of the inmates go to solitary for disciplinary reasons and the rest for “administrative reasons,” a mixed and generalized bag.  Solitary usually means 22 hours per day without human contact.   Related article:  Toronto Star Editorial (Oct. 13, 2016)  Governments must restrict use of prison ‘segregation’

Bureau of Justice Statistics (US) –
Criminal Victimization, 2015

The link is to a one page summary of the impact of crime victimization in 2015, the latest year of reporting.  The summary includes violence, property crime and a victim profile.   The full report (24 pages downloadable pdf) is available at:

Toronto Star – Alyshah Hasham
Supreme Court nominee criticized over ruling in sex assault case appeal

SCC nominee Malcolm Rowe is under criticism for an appeal ruling involving a rape shield ruling in May.  The complainant charged rape and the trial judge allowed her history to be presented to the jury; the defendant was found not guilty and the case appealed.  While conceding that in fact the rape shield law was seriously ignored in the defense presentation of this part of the evidence, the appeal decision taken by Rowe and one other of the three judge appeal panel was not to re-try the case.   Related article: Global News – Canadian Press    24 new judges appointed, new appointment process revealed    Related article: CBC News – Elizabeth Thompson   Waiting to become Canadian: Citizenship ceremonies delayed by judge shortage – Lawyers say complicated citizenship cases can now take up to 4 years to close  

Globe and Mail – Geoffrey York
South Africa to withdraw from International Criminal Court

In what is seen as a major blow to the International Criminal Court, South Africa intends to withdraw from the treaty governing its participation in the court.  The decision takes a year from the notice to the UN and may also require the consent of the South African parliament.  The objections revolve around bias towards Africa, the difficulty of getting non-court based solutions and the expense.  Burundi has already announced a decision to withdraw and Kenya is said to be considering, triggering a credibility crisis for the Court.

Times Colonist (BC) – Jack Knox
RCMP could rescind demotion of auxiliaries

About a year ago, the RCMP made a decision to remove its auxiliaries – volunteers with some police training – from harm’s way and in so doing reduced the attractiveness to many auxiliaries.  Some thought the move was a bureaucratic overreaction to two incidents involving unarmed auxiliaries and are pleased to see a proposal for three new options, including a return to the ride-along option.  For BC, the implications are considerable with about 700 auxiliaries, mostly doing community work and spread over some 67 BC detachments.

CBC News
Family violence increases risk for many conditions, Dr. Gregory Taylor tells Canadians

This report is an annual report by the government, this one focusing on some startling family violence – 230 victims a day and every four days a woman is killed by a family member – and its aftermath for the health of women and children who are mostly the victims.   Full Report (Downloadable 64 page pdf, English or French):  The Chief Public Health Officer’s Report on the State of Public Health in Canada 2016: A Focus on Family Violence in Canada eng.php?_ga=1.268342926.1290276798.1469461892  Related article: CBC News – Devin Heroux    Northern Saskatchewan communities in shock as 4th girl takes own life – 10-year-old Deschambault Lake girl takes her own life