Trump in Canada?

Nov 12, 2016

Global News – Tanya Kohut
Canadians disagree with Donald Trump’s victory, but agree with some of his policy: Ipsos poll

Undoubtedly we Canadians will see much appraisal of how alike Canadian and American voters are in the light of the surprising Trump victory.  Consider the potential for a return to tough-on-crime contained in this early survey:  “More than three-quarters of respondents (77 per cent) agreed they would consider supporting a political candidate who, “ran on a platform of stricter immigration controls, reviewing trade agreements like NAFTA to ensure they are in Canada’s best interest, shifting expenditures from international development in other countries to priorities in Canada, and getting tough on crime.”    Related article: Hill Times – Tim Naumetz    Obhrai received emails telling him to ‘leave Canada’ after Leitch released immigration plan   Related article: Calgary Herald – Ryan Rumbolt    Women in politics unite against bullying of female candidates

The Guardian (UK) – Gloria Steinem
After the election of Donald Trump, we will not mourn. We will organize.

Here’s a reflective piece on the after math of the Trump election that puts both an element of history and an element of human perspective together to offer a response to the worst that many fear.  Steinem suggests the greatest point of danger is when one attempts to escape the control, much like the domestic violence model, because many will surely resist the return to previous racial, sexual, controls and perhaps violence.  “Luckily, real change, like a tree, grows from the bottom up, not the top down. We have Hillary, Barack and Michelle to guide us. We will not mourn, we will organize. Maybe we are about to be free.”

Globe and Mail – Joe Friesen
The data behind Trump’s win

Friesen has a look statistically at the exit polls to help frame an opinion on where the Trump victory came from and how it eluded almost everyone, including the Trump team.  Friesen looks at age, racism, gender, religious adherence, education, household income and some urban/rural data.   Related article: Globe and Mail – Zosia Bielski    How Trump’s win has traumatized some women

CBC News – Kathleen Harris
Canadian officials preparing for potential flood of Mexican migrants after Trump wins presidency

After Dec. 1, 2016, Mexican citizens will no longer require a visa to enter Canada, a recent development that raises questions around the early decision by immigrants in the US to move to Canada.   “Toronto-based immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman expects an increase in refugee claims from Mexicans once the visa requirement is lifted. He also predicts a “significant impact” from Trump’s election.”

VERA Institute of Justice (US)
Reimagining Prison

VERA is a well-known and well respected criminal justice organization who have been working on the mass incarceration problems for a long time.  Now, they have a novel idea on how to draw attention to the extent and complications of the act of putting someone in prison.  The first initiative of an 18 month project is to encourage stakeholders of all kinds – including business leaders, mayors, teachers, physicians, and faith leaders – to actually visit the prisons.  VERA has obtained participation of 29 prisons and declared Nov. 14-18 Prison Visiting Week.  (Link has explanations about the initiative, current US conditions prompting the effort, and later steps as well.)  (Cf Trends in US Incarceration: Interactive map shows incarceration by state and county)

 Toronto Star:  Editorial (Nov. 11, 2016)
Leonard Cohen made the ache OK

Cohen was obsessed with death throughout his nearly half-century career, but those who see him as a miserabilist prophet, “the godfather of gloom,” miss the point. He understood the dualities of life: that the world is at once somber and ridiculous, sacred and profane, tragic and funny. He wanted to “laugh and cry and cry and laugh about it all.” He whined, but he joked, despaired, but hoped. “There’s a crack in everything,” he sang. “That’s how the light gets in.”   Related link:  Toronto Star  10 versions of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ you need to hear

 Toronto Star – Alex Ballingall
The stabber, the victim, the lost son, and the wedding

Occasionally, when we are overcome with bleak prospects and approaching despair, a story like this one comes along to lift our spirits again to the heights we are capable of at our best.  Mental health, a horrendous crime and humanity intersect pointedly in this account, “from the heart.”