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Feb 5, 2027

CBC News – Evan Dyer
 Canada looking at legality of enforcing Trump travel ban on Canadian soil – Legal concerns over ban could run up against customs pre-clearance agreement

While the federal courts and legal scholars fight back and forth about the constitutionality of the Trump ban on travellers from seven largely Muslim countries, Canadian authorities are wondering about the legality of the ban in pre-clearance of US Customs and Immigration at Canadian airports and points of entry where pre-clearance is practice.  Does a refusal to admit a person on Canadian soil under the Trump ban violate Canadian law?  Only a few countries have the agreement on pre-clearance: Canada, Ireland, Bahamas, Bermuda, Aruba, and the United Arab Emirates.  Besides the airports at most major Canadian cities, there are agreements pending for Toronto Island Airport, Quebec City Airport and, Montreal’s Central Station.   Some Nexus passes have already been revoked if the holder has both Canadian and a banned country citizenship.  The situation is rapidly changing given the Washington state federal court ruling to suspend the ban and to hear constitutionality issues.   Related article: CBC News – Shanifa Nasser    U.S. revokes all Nexus cards from Canadian permanent residents with citizenship in restricted countries: CBSA  ‘If a Canadian loses their card on the U.S. side of the border, there’s very little you can do,’ lawyer says   Related article: CTV News – Jim Bronskill, Canadian Press Trump travel order prompts federal scramble over report of revoked Nexus cards   Related article: CBC News – Catherine Cullen    Tensions around immigration high for the first full Conservative leadership debate

Globe and Mail – Robin Doolittle
Unfounded – Why police dismiss 1 in 5 sexual assault claims as baseless

Doolittle has an impressive 20 month research leading to a perplexing issue:  How many rapes are eventually labelled as “Unfounded” and go without any charges?  The answer appears to depend on the police jurisdiction but over-all on a national basis the answer seems to be one in five.  In a Globe and Mail survey (1100 police agencies asked, 870 plus responding) 42% of reported rapes result in charges. There is an individual police service rating for unfounded conclusions at the link.  Related article: Globe and Mail – Brenda Cossman   We must do better for sexual assault survivors. The answer isn’t rocket science   Related article: Globe and Mail – Zosia Bielski      How sexual assault survivors look beyond police, courts for justice

Globe and Mail – Amira Elghawaby
One week later: A message to the Muslim children left fatherless

 Seventeen children are now fatherless after the Quebec City murders at the mosque.  Elghawaby asks what do we tell the children about the failure of so many Canadians, citizens, police, politicians, institutions blandly ignoring a growing number of hate crimes.  After offering an impressive list of actions taken by the Muslim community itself, she asks:  “What’s heartbreaking is that none of this was enough to save your fathers. And maybe nothing could have saved them…But please know this, my dear children: In memory of your beautiful papas, we will do better.

  Toronto Police Services
 The Way Forward

Long mired in controversy around both practices as stop and frisk, and in growing expense with more officers, this report is the end of the efforts by Metro Toronto police to create a new perspective on policing for the future. The 64 page report was produced under the Transformational Task Force after a year of preparation.  The report includes a 13 page Executive Summary as well.  (Go to Action Plan dropdown on the menu.)

Davos – World Economic Forum 2017
7 myth-busting reasons we should be investing in women

In spite of challenges around the world, the economic plight of women does not appear to change.  Some time ago in preparation for Davos one study suggested that gender equality in pay would take another 170 years at the current rate of improvement.   Here are seven commonly held myths (and the truth) whose wide-spread acceptance help to account for the slow growth.    Related article:  Washington Post – Amanda Erickson   It will take 170 years for women to be equal to men — unless some things change, study says     The Global Gender Gap Report (A 364 page downloadable PDF)