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Sept 7, 2017

Globe and Mail – Allison Speigel
Why you should care that our civil-justice system is broken

Speigel is a commercial litigator who thinks that the current status of civil law – an international ranking of 112 out of 190 countries measured on a banking enforcement scale – is cause for alarm for anyone seeking civil redress.  “The ability to properly protect contractual and property rights encourages investment, promotes economic relationships and fosters innovation.”  Speigel thinks that $75,000 is the wise level where the risk outweighs the rewards.

National Council of Canadian Muslims – Amira Elghawaby

Here is a timely and practical illustration of what an anti-Muslim undercurrent may produce.  In a scary US study of Muslim children 3 out of six have reported that they hide their Muslim faith and one in two thought being American incompatible with being Muslim.  We may appropriately be concerned that the experience is in Canada as well.

CCJC / CJP – National RJ Week (Nov 19-26)
National Restorative Justice Symposium

November 19-21, 2017  On traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg people, in Ottawa ON  Early Bird Registration until Oct. 1, 2017   Info at

Canadian Harm Reduction Network – Solutions on Site

A series of workshops focused on trauma is the focus for the fall workshops:  Trauma in the Mind’s Eye: Friday October 13th, 2017
To Err is Human: Monday November 13th, 2017; Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Tuesday November 14th, 2017;  all held at  The Highland County Club, LONDON, ON   For registration:   (Please note that different people from your organization can attend the workshop of choice under a package deal.)

Harvard Law – In Justice Today
When Prosecutors Overreach

This is an US (Tennessee) jurisdiction that it illustrates an underlying perspective that explains why prisons are overcrowded and impacting on poor people more than anyone else.  The addition of the burglary charge to that of shoplifting is a consequence of a failure to prove guilt resulting in a hung jury and then a re-trail with the additional charge, bringing a longer sentence for a minor crime that could have been handled in alternate ways.

Toronto Star – Peter Goffin
Canada is getting a national suicide hotline in 2017

Following the impact of rapper Logic, the US has established a national hot line called The Suicide Prevention Lifeline and immediately witnessed a 50% increase in calls.  Logic`s approach is a new song appropriately entitled “1-800-273-8255”,   the actual hotline number.  Canada has no centralized hotline but a host of local numbers but the expectation is that by late 2017 Canada will have brought all the local numbers into a Canada wide number.

Homelessness Hub – Journal of First Peoples Child and Family Review Cathy Rocke and Laurie MacKensize
The Waters of Sexual Exploitation: understanding the world of sexually exploited youth

The link provides a visual used with social workers to illustrate the complexity of child sexual exploitation.  The visual and 15 page downloadable pdf is accompanied by a text explaining the process of exploitation and the inter-related causes.    Related article: Homelessness Hub – Patricia McKernan, Volunteers of America  Patricia McKernan   Homelessness and Prisoner Re-entry: Examining Barriers to Housing Stability and Evidence Based Strategies that Promote Improved Outcomes (A 14 page downloadable pdf)    Related article:  HuffPost – Naomi Goldberg For LGBTQ Youth, Schools’ Failures May Mean Higher Risk Of Criminalization

Brennan Center – New York University School of Law – Ames C. Grawert and James Cullen
Crime in 2017:  A Preliminary Analysis

In the light of representation by a number of high profile political figures, including the Attorney General and the President, the preliminary report for 2017 shows that the crime rate is not runaway nor even increasing.  To date, 2017 is leaning to be the second lowest crime rate in history; overall crime is down 1.8%; violent crime is roughly stable; and murders are down 2.5%.  The full report is available at the link – a 15 page downloadable pdf)

Blogger Russell Webster (UK)
British prison shields itself against drug drones

Lots of prisons are struggling with preventing drugs from getting into the prison.  In the past, drones have been used to drop illegal drugs inside a prison.  Now the solution in this UK prison is sounding Star Warish.  They are using a device that creates a series of disruptors for the air space up to 2000 ft. above the prison.  The disruptors detect and deflect the packages that are dropped.

Zoukis Prisoner Resources – Christopher Zoukis
Bill to Improve Conditions for Female Inmates

Senators Cory Booker (D-NJ) and three co-sponsors have introduced Bill S. 1524, the “Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act,” (cf full text and status ) meant to improve the treatment of female federal inmates who are the primary caretakers of children.  The Bill is now beyond twice reading and in the Judiciary Committee.  The Bill directs the Bureau of Prisons to make appropriate geographic placement and to take steps to facilitate and enlarge the possibility of visiting with family.  Related article: The Sentencing Project – Marc Mauer   ACLU invests $5M to restore voting rights for people with felony records  (cf also article lower on page   Felony Disenfranchisement is a Feminist Issue )