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May 11, 2021

 Fourth report on Correctional Service Canada’s (CSC) “Structured Intervention Units”  (SIUs)  Jane B. Sprott – Ryerson University; Anthony J. Doob, University of Toronto; Adelina Iftene, Dalhousie University

Do Independent External Decision Makers Ensure that “An Inmate’s Confinement in a Structured Intervention Unit Is to End as Soon as Possible”?

Attached is our fourth report on Correctional Service Canada’s (CSC) “Structured Intervention Units”  (SIUs) based once again on data we received in January 2021 from CSC. It deals with the “Independent External Decision Makers” (IEDM) – people whom CSC seems to rely on for providing independent oversight.  This report should be read in conjunction with the findings from our February 2021 report: In applying the Mandela Rules to CSC’s data, we estimated that 28.4% of the SIU stays qualified as “solitary confinement”,  and an additional 9.9% of stays fall under the definition of “torture or other other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment.”

  • In March 2021, CSC listed the IEDMs as one of two external bodies providing oversight of the SIUs. The second body that they mentioned at that time — the Implementation Advisory Panel –had not existed for about 8 months at the time that they posted this information.
  • The findings in this report question how effective the IEDM process is in helping to reduce the time spent in the SIU.

* We find that some people do not seem to get IEDM reviews in a timely fashion and some, whom the IEDM orders be removed from the SIU, stay in the SIU for quite some time, sometimes longer than those who were ordered to stay in the SIU. Even more concerning is the fact that some people with long SIU stays do not appear to get IEDM reviews at all.

  • * Individual IEDMs vary significantly in the decisions they make. No data exist on why this might be the case.
  • * Black prisoners stay in SIUs longer than other groups of prisoners. This difference is not eliminated by the system of having IEDM reviews.
  • * Notwithstanding the findings in this report, little is known about the manner in which IEDM decisions are made.

We hope that you find the report to be interesting.  As with previous reports, we have tried to write an executive summary that can be read and understood as a “stand alone” document.  The body of the report contains the details of our data which form the basis of our conclusions.

We have given the report to CSC and to Public Safety Canada.  As far as we are concerned, this report is now a public document.  Feel free to share it with anyone you wish and/or to post it.  We would request, however, that if you post it, you should post it in its entirety.

Full Report:  (A 24 page downloadable pdf)

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