TRC score – 8/94

July 7, 2021 

Yellowhead Institute – Eva Jewell and Ian Mosby
SPECIAL REPORT: Calls to Action Accountability: A 2020 Status Update on Reconciliation

This link offers a badly needed perspective on just what has been accomplished among the 94 recs from the TRC.  “In 2020, a tumultuous year for many reasons, our analysis reveals that just 8 Calls to Action have been implemented, this is down from 9 in 2019. Ultimately, we find that Canada is failing residential school Survivors and their families.”  The report has two parts: legacy and reconciliation.   Related article: CBC News – Nick Boisvert   Trudeau signs agreement returning child welfare responsibilities to Cowessess First Nation   Agreement with Cowessess is the first signed under legislation passed in 2019

 CBC News – Darren Major
Residential school survivors call for an end to arson attacks on churches – ‘Whoever is doing this, you’re going to wake up a very ugly, evil spirit in this country,’ survivor warns

Indigenous leaders and government alike are calling for an end to the vandalism and burning of churches as an entirely inappropriate response to the current tensions.  “A group of residential school survivors is calling for an end to arson attacks on churches after several Catholic and Anglican churches were vandalized or damaged by fire following the reported discovery of unmarked graves at former residential school sites in British Columbia and Saskatchewan… Residential school survivor Jessie    Malcolm condemned the vandalism while fighting back tears.  It’s not going to bring back anybody.”   Related article: CBC News – Catharine Tunney and John Paul Tasker  Inuk leader Mary Simon named as Canada’s 1st Indigenous governor general

From Christine Lecompte at Correctional Services Canada:

The NRJS 2021 Committee is looking for presenters for our virtual symposium that will be held November 22 & 23, 2021.  This year`s theme is ‘Unique Expressions of Restorative Practices’.  The deadline for submissions is September 7.  Visit our website for more information at www.crjc/national-symposium

Restorative Justice Division, Correctional Service Canada | Government of Canada  Tel.: 613-947-7309  | Cell. : 613-277-5349  340 Laurier Ave. W., Ottawa, ON K1A 0P9

 CBC News – Kate Buerkert
Opioid deaths in Canada increased by 592% over 17-year period, University of Waterloo study indicates – Opioid epidemic started long before it made headlines, researcher says

This startling increase occurred over the years from 2000-2017 and translates “to 20 opioid deaths per million people in 2000. That rose to 118.3 deaths per million people in 2017, …with significant increases in hospitalization from opioids.”  The latest version of the killing opioid is red fentanyl.   The study puts a critical point now at post-overdose support.

 Institute for Justice (US) – J. Justin Wilson
New Report Finds Civil Forfeiture Rakes in Billions Each Year, Does Not Fight Crime – Poor Forfeiture Laws Allowed State and Federal Governments to Forfeit More Than $68.8 Billion Over Past 20 Years

Would you believe that forfeiture in the US totals more than all the burglaries?  Did you think that assets seized under forfeiture went into the costs of fighting crime?  This is the third such report on the impact of ‘civil forfeiture’ published in December 2020.  ““Policing for Profit” grades state and federal civil forfeiture laws based on the portion of proceeds directed to law enforcement coffers and the protections offered property owners. Thirty-five states and the federal government earn a D+ or worse. New Mexico earns the report’s only A, thanks to a 2015 reform that eliminated civil forfeiture and directed all forfeiture proceeds to the state’s general fund.”  Full report:  Policing for Profit: The Abuse of Civil Asset Forfeiture  (The report breaks down the amount per capita, the ranking, and the way the funds were expended. )  Related article: The New Yorker  (Published on August 5, 2020)  – Sarah Stillman  Taken: Under civil forfeiture, Americans who haven’t been charged with wrongdoing can be stripped of their cash, cars, and even homes. Is that all we’re losing?   Related article: Ottawa Citizen – Kate Porter   Police spending freeze up to police board, committee says – Under broad road map for 2022 city budget, property taxes set to rise 3 per cent

 Basic Income brought me…

This website is driven by young people in Ontario who want to answer the reservations around what happens to the basic income when given to poor people: How would the recipients spend the money, likely the most persistent resistance.  Besides relief, the Basic Income brought both agency and dignity to the 4,000 people who participated in Ontario’s experiment. “It reflects a firm belief that individuals have the right to spend basic income in whatever way they see fit. In addition, instead of focusing on the tragedy of poverty, it aims to highlight that better policy responses to income insecurity – like basic income! – not only exist, but are actionable and impactful.”

CNN – Artemis Moshtaghian and Steve Almasy
 New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declares gun violence emergency in his state

Everybody knows there is a connection between the ready availability of guns and the injuries and deaths from guns.  But gun legislation has defied every pressure, even the mass deaths of elementary school children.  Now, says Cuomo, there are more deaths from guns than from Covid-19.  He will introduced legislation that restores the right to sue manufacturers who are negligent in the sale of their products.  If passed, the legislation would be first, timely, and encouraging to other states and perhaps the federal government to act in gun regulation. Related article: CNN – Daniel Wolfe and John Murphy-Teixidor      Mass Shootings in the US Fast Facts

Washington Post – Shawn Boburg
From corporate America to conspiracy theory promotion: How a Minnesota man made a career out of anonymously amplifying dark plots

Ever wonder how the most ridiculous claims got traction on social media.  Here is the story of one of these dark artists who was both responsible for such media and made a considerable living from his work.  Meet Sean G. Turnbull of Minneapolis-St. Paul, or Sean from SGT Reports, “anonymously promoting conspiracy theories about dark forces in American politics on websites and social media accounts in a business he runs out of his home. His audience numbers are respectable and his ad base is resilient, according to corporate records and interviews.”