Bail reform … 

March 22, 2016 Toronto Star – Daniel Brown Time to overhaul Canada’s unjust bail system “I can no longer call it a court of law,” Julia Lauzon, an Ottawa Justice of the Peace, said. “Unfortunately, Ottawa's bailout court, and others, have devolved … [Read more...]

Media mergers …

February 24, 2016 Guardian (UK) Democracy warning as Canadian media outlets merge and papers close: Federal minister convenes talks as union calls for action over increasingly centralised ownership and publishers warn of threat to public interest … [Read more...]

Lockdowns …

February 8, 2016 Toronto Star – Ann Dempsey Lockdowns "similar" to solitary, jail security official says - Toronto South Detention Centre security manager testifies that he knows of no policies limiting lockdowns in jails. There is increasing … [Read more...]

Punishment doesn’t fix crime — or make us safe

There has certainly been plenty of crime and punishment talk in Canada recently. New laws put more people in prison longer, make it harder for them to get out, and make it more difficult for them to reintegrate into communities when they do. Public … [Read more...]

Strategies to address the roots of youth violence

"Creating Positive Alternatives For Canadian Youth" is a seminal report from the Girls & Boys Clubs of Canada that outlines some of the key risk factors for youth violence as well as proven ways of mitigating them. … [Read more...]

Effects of parental imprisonment on child antisocial behaviour and mental health

In “Effects of Parental Imprisonment on Child Antisocial Behaviour and Mental Health: A Systematic Review” (Campbell Systematic Reviews August 2009:4), Murray, Farrington, Sekol and Olsen did a meta-analysis of 16 studies to determine if parental … [Read more...]

Leading children’s advocates criticize Bill C10

When the 2002 Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) was passed, Canada had proportionately more youth imprisoned than any other Western country. It was hoped that this new Act would reduce this high level in favour of alternatives to prison. Most experts … [Read more...]

Hard costs of lock-’em-up culture

This article reports on shattering data from the Pew Foundation that documents for the first time incarceration’s economic effects, with severe impacts life-long on the economic stability of families and whole communities. Unless society comes up … [Read more...]