State lawlessness …

February 22, 2016  Toronto Star – Joanna Smith Inquiry into missing aboriginal women must not ignore indigenous law, advocates say Indigenous Affairs Minister Carolyn Bennett wants to consider how and what parts of Indigenous law should and could … [Read more...]

New approaches …

February 12, 2016 CBC News – Marika Wheeler Unique mental health team in Quebec City treats psychotic patients at home Willing to make up to four house calls a day to the same patient, psychiatric nurse Alexandre Boisvert … [Read more...]

Criminalized and imprisoned women

Worldwide, though few compared with male inmates, poor marginalized women comprise the fastest growing prison population. In Canada, a high proportion is Aboriginal. Most have suffered abuse, and more than half their crimes are non-violent. Prison … [Read more...]

Community options required!

Frequently working as cooks or cleaners in the prison, women learn few marketable skills, and have less access to pre- release programs than do male inmates. Access to CORCAN and to community work releases would better prepare them for return to … [Read more...]

Human Rights in Action

A video by the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies about women in prison: … [Read more...]

The criminal justice gender gap

Racial disparities in the criminal-justice system get lots of attention, if not any remedies. But how about the gender gap? "This study finds dramatic unexplained gender gaps in federal criminal cases," writes Sonya B. Starr, assistant professor at … [Read more...]

Women behind bars

They're murderers and mothers, victims of abuse and mental-health patients. They are also ganged-up youngsters with nothing to lose. They're female criminals, and they are the fastest growing prison population in Canada. After all that's been done to … [Read more...]