Secondary punishment…

Jan.15, 2022 Washington Post (US) - Lizzie Johnson and William Wan The ethics of a second chance: Pig heart transplant recipient stabbed a man seven times years ago Here’s an excellent introduction to the question of secondary punishments.  … [Read more...]

Abused in jail…

Feb 28, 2019 CBC News – Samantha Craggs Half of Canada's prisoners were abused as children, McMaster study suggests This report supplements a truth etching its way in the US penology literature: namely that a considerable number of incarcerated … [Read more...]

FASD & holes…

Sept 5, 2016  The Tyee – Katie Hyslop In Downtown Eastside, Jim’s Story Shows Holes in Vast Net of Systems and Services This is a two part series on the role that housing and FASD, among other social problems, plays in the life of an … [Read more...]

Social control…

July 14, 2016 Toronto Star – Reid Rusonik Police, blacks both victims of an attempt at social control Rusonik offers a perspective on the history of confrontation between police and Black persons in both the US and Canada, suggesting that the … [Read more...]

Tory legacy…

    Oct. 16, 2015 Toronto Star – Pam Palmater Tories will leave lethal legacy for First Nations - First Nations communities face a series of overlapping crises that Ottawa has ignored for too long. The article is a state of the nation report … [Read more...]


  July 30, 2013  Toronto Star – Guest opinion by Shelia Burns Turning around Ontario lives hurt by fetal alcohol spectrum disorder  The author, a Community Leadership in Justice Fellow, Law Foundation of Ontario, says that fetal alcohol … [Read more...]

When are we safe?

 Aug 24, 2013  Fox News – Phoenix, AZ 6 immigration activists arrested at protest outside Phoenix ICE facility  In a protest before an ICE detention centre, the daughter a citizen, the mother undocumented ask:  When are we safe?  … [Read more...]

We ain’t there yet!

May 20, 2013  Vancouver Province – I.M. GreNada We ain’t there yet!  A B.C. lifer reflects on an exchange between two advocates – one a victim’s advocate, the other a conflict mediator.  The views are contextualized by parenting … [Read more...]

Prisoners’ rights & Solitary

March 29, 2013  Globe and Mail - Rod Mickleburgh B.C.’s provincial health officer critical of federal crime bill BC provincial health officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, says that the ‘tough-on-crime approach is not only resulting in disproportionate … [Read more...]