Sisters in Spirit…

  Oct 1, 2014  Globe and Mail - Beverley Jacobs and Alex Neve We can’t wait another decade to end violence against native women  Jacobs was the lead researcher for Amnesty International on the first Stolen Sisters report. Neve is the … [Read more...]

Endless detention…

Oct. 24, 2013  Toronto Star – Nicholas Keung Canada urged to release migrants in endless detention   There are a variety of reasons why immigrants can not be returned to the country of origin and therefore can not be deported.  For example, … [Read more...]

A cry for justice

 July 17, 2013 Malala's Birthday Wish   “Weakness, fear and hopelessness died.  Strength, fervour and courage was born.”  It is customary to make a wish on one's birthday. On her sixteenth birthday, nine months after being shot in the … [Read more...]

Bill C-479

 May 28, 2013  Globe and Mail Editorial Sometimes victims’ rights clash with public safety  The editorial offers an opinion on Bill C-479 and wonders with the Executive Director of Ottawa Victim Services if the bill may not put public safety … [Read more...]