Dec. 17, 2013  Globe and Mail – Michaelle Jean Time to bring Madiba’s values to Canada  Canada’s former Governor General has a wish list in the light of the recent tributes paid to South Africa’s Madiba.  “A world of justice can be … [Read more...]


  Dec. 3, 2013  CBC News – Maureen Brosnan Ashley Smith inquest jury begins deliberations   After a year and 12,000 pages of testimony, the inquest into the death of the New Brunswick teen goes to the jury today.  Ashley’s mother Coralee … [Read more...]

What comes after pain?

  Oct. 18, 2013  Live @U of T What Comes After Pain?  The F Word: The Forgiveness Project Exhibition is in Hart House’s main hall and seeks to explore ideas around how forgiveness, reconciliation and conflict resolution impact positively in … [Read more...]

Cycle of punishment…

 Oct. 16, 2013  CBC News Ashley Smith 'hopeless' weeks before death, inquest told  Kim Pate thinks that Ashley Smith was stuck in a cycle of punishment.  Pate testified that she wanted to have Smith transferred to hospital but that “once … [Read more...]

Who was Ashley Smith?

 April 30, 2013  Toronto Star  Who was Ashley Smith?    The Toronto Star has an extensive series of articles and photos on the death of Ashley Smith and the consequent coroner’s inquest testimony.  … [Read more...]

Spirit matters

March 8, 2013  Office of the Correctional Investigator Spirit Matters: Aboriginal People and the Corrections and Conditional Release Act This document has a content outline, an executive summary and the complete report, including a conclusion and … [Read more...]

Aboriginal justice failing

 February 27, 2013  CBC News Justice system failing First Nations, report finds. Iacobucci urges action to get aboriginal representation on Ontario juries Seeing a lack of Aboriginal participation in the jury pool is indicative of a much wider … [Read more...]

Prison costs revised

February 19, 2013  Livingston – Paul Egan – Gannett News Service Michigan prison costs high despite fewer inmates, staff Lots of the rhetoric around growth in prisons and mass incarceration has prompted realization about the cost … [Read more...]


February 1, 2013 Solitary Watch – Bloggers Jean Casella and James Ridgeway State Bar Association Calls on New York to “Profoundly Restrict” Its Use of Solitary Confinement Written by the New York State Bar Association Civil Rights Committee, … [Read more...]

Mental health and criminal justice

January 30, 2013  International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy – Fifth National Symposium (January 2013)  - Alison MacPhail and Simon Verdun-Jones Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System While this paper … [Read more...]