The 1%

    Jan 21, 2014 Globe and Mail – Gerald Caplan We can all take some credit for helping the rich get richer Caplan, with strong NDP ties, offers a humorous commentary on the latest analysis of income inequality by the Canadian Centre for … [Read more...]

AIDS and C-36…

  July 22, 2014  Toronto Star – Tonda MacCharles Conservative prostitution bill will keep HIV rates high   An associate professor in medicine at University of British Columbia and the lead Canadian author of a study presented at the … [Read more...]


  July 17, 2014  Toronto Star – Marco Chown Oved Canada Border Services deports man to DRC in secret  The meaning of privacy as it applies to people detained and deported can be a little frightening.  In this case, the Canadian Border … [Read more...]


   July 16, 2014 Globe and Mail – Josh Wingrove Tories soften prostitution bill provision by expanding legal discussion areas  The Globe and Mail is reporting that the federal government will change the key provision of the new prostitution … [Read more...]

Victim-offender dialogue…

  July 8, 2014  Correctional Services of Canada Victim-Centered Victim Offender Dialogue in Crimes of Severe Violence  -  20 Essential Principles for Corrections-Based Victim Services  Recently released, the principles are specific to … [Read more...]

C-36: More SCC to come?

   June 7, 2014 National Newswatch – Don Lenihan Prostitution and the politics of justice   Lenihan, and most experts agree that the new prostitution laws will wind up challenged in court and that Peter MacKay has known the laws will not … [Read more...]