Women in solitary…

Nov 9, 2020 Refinery29.com - Sabrina Maddeaux The Ugly Truth about Solitary Confinement in Canada’s Women’s Prisons Maddeaux starts with Ashley Smith and her crime of throwing apples at the postman for which she got 14 days that turned into … [Read more...]

More women in jail…

May 23, 2018  (Ed note: The last edition of communiqué contained a reference and commentary on the Mothers Offering Mutual Support (MOMS) of Ottawa.  Some of the MOMS involved in the discussions around the plan to rebuild the Ottawa Carleton … [Read more...]

Extradition to China?

March 29, 2017 Globe and Mail – Nathan VanderKlippe China to Canada: Don’t follow Australia’s lead on extradition treaty Australia said “No!” and China then urged Canada not to follow the Australian lead.  The extradition question has … [Read more...]

Democracy, for sure!

     May 10, 2015 Toronto Star – Bob Hepburn Mel Hurtig’s wake-up call for Canada’s democracy: Hepburn At 82, Mel Hurtig is still fighting for a national vision of democracy in Canada.  The long-time economic nationalist has just … [Read more...]

Our home and native land…

 Dec 9, 2013  Toronto Star – Atkinson Series Canada: It really is our home and native land   This article is the start of two weeks of commentary and analysis on Canada and the willingness to participate actively in our democratic … [Read more...]