Community response…

April 25, 2016 Toronto Star – Canadian Press Hundreds march in Halifax after series of violent deaths Several hundred people who included both the chief of police and the mayor of Halifax have given community action and solidarity a new meaning: … [Read more...]

Living tree…

     June 24, 2015 Globe and Mail – Sean Fine Another critic of gay marriage ascends to Ontario’s highest court Justice Bradley Miller, after six months and no published decisions on the Superior Court, has been quietly appointed to the … [Read more...]

Democracy, for sure!

     May 10, 2015 Toronto Star – Bob Hepburn Mel Hurtig’s wake-up call for Canada’s democracy: Hepburn At 82, Mel Hurtig is still fighting for a national vision of democracy in Canada.  The long-time economic nationalist has just … [Read more...]

Speak up! Action Plan

 Aug. 15, 2013  Truro Daily News Provincial action plan addressing bullying, cyberbullying   Though first launched in February 2013, the province is starting the new school year with a conference featuring a series of 42 individual workshops … [Read more...]

Aboriginal Youth

July 8, 2013  Vancouver Province – Sam Cooper Aboriginal youth who made suicide pact live to see dangers rise in toxic DTES environment  A seven minute video about the discovery of a Facebook suicide pact among 30 Aboriginal youths.  A … [Read more...]