Quo vadis…

Oct 19, 2019 Global TV News – Rachel Brown Conservative platform gets a failing grade, Liberal’s barely passes on poverty and health: report The link provides a comparison between all four national political parties and their stated positions on a … [Read more...]

Renewed light for tired problems

Sept 12. 2019 (Ed note: Smart Justice Network Canada (SJNC) has been working quietly for a new vision of criminal justice in Canada and has outlined what that new vision would propose.  We offer the perspective for election reflection / … [Read more...]

A little history…

Oct 8, 2015 (Ed note: Inspector Jim Potts is a retired RCMP and OPP commissioned officer, the first Aboriginal promoted to officer rank in the history of the RCMP.  He continues to advise on Aboriginal justice matters. His memory of the struggle … [Read more...]

Corrections and the political agenda in Canada: Toward an illuminated future or a walk in the darkness?

SJNC is pleased to feature a new article by seasoned correctional observer R. E. Bob Brown, who compares the criminal justice policies of the current Government of Canada with those in several European countries, the U.S. and a number of its states. … [Read more...]

HIV cured by 2030?

    July 22, 2015 Globe and Mail – James Orbinski and Heather Johnston We can end AIDS, so let’s do it! The United Nations and a whole bunch of scientists gathered in Vancouver this week are of the opinion that the world can end the scourge of … [Read more...]

Puzzling deaths…

    July 17, 2015  Toronto Star – Edward Keenan Saunders' comments belong in a police state  Keenan is talking about the lack of information available around the shooting death of two men at the hands of an armed private security guard at a … [Read more...]

Branches of government…

     July 9, 2015 LawNow - Lorraine Snyder and Dustin Martin Democratic Governance: The Constitution and Canada’s Branches of Government The article is a good primer for legal lay people witnessing the current tensions between the PMO and the … [Read more...]