Women’s work…

   Oct. 22, 2014  Canadian Lawyer – Brett Hughes Great strides but more work to be done for women: chief justice  Canada’s Chief Justice Madame Beverley McLaughlin delivered the convocation address at UofT’s University of Victoria … [Read more...]


   April 24, 2014 Northumberland View Statistics Canada: Firearms and violent crime in Canada, 2012   The article, based on Juristat statistics in 2012 (excluding Quebec stats) traces the use of firearms in violent crimes, by type of … [Read more...]

Income solution

 Sept. 13, 2013  Globe and Mail  - Michael Babad Would boosting minimum wage help ease the income gap? Given all the recent news around income disparity and the consequences on the economy and on personal lives, the reduction of the income … [Read more...]

On dialogue as a place to begin…

Sept. 18, 2013 Vancouver Sun – Carole Taylor Dialogue means talking, listening  -  SFU steps up to give groups a safe place to discuss the economic, social and environmental impact of B.C. issues  The article explains why SFU has stepped … [Read more...]

Income inequality

 July 23, 2013 Ottawa Citizen – Barry Carin No clear definition in ‘inequality’ debate  Carin identifies ‘income inequality’ as a key phrase in the international development context this year and then suggests that the term is … [Read more...]