Nov. 25, 2022 The Conversation (Queen’s) - Joanna Pozzulo and Emily Pica Eyewitness misidentification is the leading cause of known wrongful convictions Wrongful convictions are sufficiently common that the legal system is looking to understand … [Read more...]

No place at the table…

  Aug 27, 2014  CBC News Analysis Peter MacKay's justice roundtables didn't set a place for sex workers   The Justice Minister has been criss-crossing Canada to consult Canadians on justice issues.  It appears that the agenda and the list of … [Read more...]

We ain’t there yet!

May 20, 2013  Vancouver Province – I.M. GreNada We ain’t there yet!  A B.C. lifer reflects on an exchange between two advocates – one a victim’s advocate, the other a conflict mediator.  The views are contextualized by parenting practices.  He is … [Read more...]

National RJ Conference

  May 14, 2013  2013 National Restorative Justice Symposium - Toronto, ON Nov. 17-19, 2013  This year's theme: "to promote, develop and grow restorative justice in Canada and around the world by providing new insights at the National … [Read more...]