Law gone wrong…

April 7, 2021  Toronto Star – Alyshah Hasham An Ontario sex assault victim was just fined $2,000 for breaking a publication ban on her own identity. The case is as bad as it sounds, experts say Waterloo is one place in Canada that seems to be … [Read more...]


March 28, 2021 Lawyer’s Daily - Ian Burns Correctional service response to COVID-19 violates rights of incarcerated persons, lawsuit alleges Seven prisoners, present and former, have filed a lawsuit claiming constitutional and human rights … [Read more...]


Aug. 4, 2020  Toronto Now – Enzo DiMatteo Op-ed: Nova Scotia mass shooting smells like a cover-up - The feds have finally called a public inquiry but the RCMP's handling of the investigation looks more like a whitewash with each new revelation in … [Read more...]

Extradition to China?

March 29, 2017 Globe and Mail – Nathan VanderKlippe China to Canada: Don’t follow Australia’s lead on extradition treaty Australia said “No!” and China then urged Canada not to follow the Australian lead.  The extradition question has been at … [Read more...]


July 29, 2016  Ottawa Citizen – David Matyas and Mark Dance Hunger strike shows the ugly underbelly of how Canada treats migrants  The authors argue that the indefinite detention practiced now in Canada and resulting in the current hunger strike … [Read more...]

Tory legacy…

    Oct. 16, 2015 Toronto Star – Pam Palmater Tories will leave lethal legacy for First Nations - First Nations communities face a series of overlapping crises that Ottawa has ignored for too long. The article is a state of the nation report on … [Read more...]

Democracy, for sure!

     May 10, 2015 Toronto Star – Bob Hepburn Mel Hurtig’s wake-up call for Canada’s democracy: Hepburn At 82, Mel Hurtig is still fighting for a national vision of democracy in Canada.  The long-time economic nationalist has just published his … [Read more...]

What Next?

      May 5, 2015  IIRP Policy Options - Anthony N. Doob and Cheryl M. Webster The Harper revolution in criminal justice policy…and what comes next… Stephen Harper’s Conservative government broke with the consensus on crime and public policy. Can … [Read more...]

Mental health now…

July 20, 2014  CBC News – Maureen Brosnahan Federal plan to help mentally ill female inmates on hold  In May past, Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney announced, that as a start, two beds at the Brockville Mental Health Center were to be … [Read more...]