Life’s ploy…

     Aug 28, 2015  Hill Times-on-line – Tim Naumetz Canadians believe 'Life Means Life' Act an election ploy: poll  More than half those polled say that Harper’s ‘life-means-life’ announcement last week is an election ploy based on … [Read more...]

Torture anyone?

      June 28, 2015 iPolitics – Kristy Smith More than a third of Canadians condone torture, says poll   The Pew Research Center is a US based group who asked Canadians about whether it is permissible to torture terrorist suspects and … [Read more...]

Migrant detention in Canada

  Oct. 7, 2013  Globe and Mail – Joe Friesen  Detained migrants continue hunger strike over Ontario jail’s conditions   Started in September and put on hold, several detainees are returning to the hunger strike as a way of highlighting … [Read more...]