Tasting politics…

Sept 3, 2021  Global TV News - Doyle Potenteau Kelowna 3rd on national crime severity index: Statistics Canada  Crime stats make their way into every election.  The link is a cautionary tale that addresses the question about the stand-off … [Read more...]

Equal Justice…

Aug. 26, 2020 Lawyer’s Daily – Kendra Landry COVID-19 is modernizing courtrooms — but for whom? Landry points out that the technology lag in the courts is being addressed because of the backlog and associated problems but wonders who is the … [Read more...]

Guns, still…

May 5, 2020 Toronto Star – Wendy Gillis Assault weapons ban ‘significant,’ but handguns the key to Toronto gun violence, say advocates Reactions to the federal government’s plans to ban assault weapons have been varied.  The vast majority … [Read more...]

Better days…

May 1, 2020 The Lily (Hawaii) - Frances Nguyen This state says it has a ‘feminist economic recovery plan.’ Here’s what that looks like. The state wants ‘to build a system that is capable of delivering gender equality’ Here in Canada we … [Read more...]

How long?

April 24, 2020 Policy Options – Pamela Palmater and Senator Kim Pate Prisoners’ death toll will mount without releasing the most vulnerable – Prisoners’ lives are at risk as the virus has the potential to spread like “wildfire.” The … [Read more...]

Earth Day…

April 22, 2020 (Ed note:  The concurrence of the virus, the tragedy in Nova Scotia and the reminder of the needs of the environment all together may serve as a moment to pause and ask about our capacity for crisis response and our willingness to … [Read more...]

Study explores mental health programs for Arctic criminal courts

April 3, 2013  Queen’s University - Sharday Mosurinjohn Exploring Mental Health & Criminal Justice in the Canadian Arctic Priscilla Ferrazzi's research (see www.NunavutMentalHealthCourts.wordpress.com ) examines how the underlying … [Read more...]

Caught in the cracks

February 3, 2013  Victoria Times Colonist (BC) – Jack Knox No justice for mentally ill caught in the cracks Knox reports on the mental health implications for two murder trials now taking place.  Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Shabehram Lohrasbe … [Read more...]

A troubling scene

 January 19, 2013  Catherine Latimer of John Howard: A Reflection on a troubling scene between CSC and NPB (Ed Note:  These comments are based on the report in January 17 communiqué that there is some tension between CSC and the NPB over a … [Read more...]

Health and hard time

  January 16, 2013 Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) – Adam Miller Health and hard time The association starts the first of a promising multi-part series on health issues in prisons.  The listing of areas of concern is part of … [Read more...]