Spot checks?

     Aug 26, 2015  Toronto Star – San Grewal Peel police conducted 159,303 street checks in six years Known as ‘carding’ in Toronto, and just as controversial, Peel Regional Police records show that one out of 46 residents had been … [Read more...]

“Life means life”

    Aug 19, 2015 Canadian Press Harper says he’ll resurrect ‘life means life’ legislation One of the bills already promised but allowed to die on the order paper, Stephen Harper has resurrected the “life means life” bill in the … [Read more...]

Canada – against the stream…

    Mar 23, 2015  The Sentencing Project (US) – Marc Mauer Testimony to Charles Colson Task Force on Federal Corrections: “A Proposal to Reduce Time Served in Federal Prison”  The Sentencing Project is a Washington based research … [Read more...]

Politics and life…

    Mar 12, 2015  Toronto Star – Tonda MacCharles Tories table life-sentence legislation in Commons - The Conservative government has formally introduced its promised Life Means Life Act in the Commons. The legislation is showing the … [Read more...]