April 17, 2020 Government of Canada COVID-19 and the Parole Board of Canada The statement (April 15, 2020) by the National Parole Board lays out the current considerations around the pandemic Covid-19 and the various parties to the consideration … [Read more...]

A troubling scene

 January 19, 2013  Catherine Latimer of John Howard: A Reflection on a troubling scene between CSC and NPB (Ed Note:  These comments are based on the report in January 17 communiqué that there is some tension between CSC and the NPB over a … [Read more...]

The Warden and the NPB

 January 17, 2013 - Christie Blatchford Warden goes against parole board, grants temporary absence to convicted murderer The decision by a CSC warden to give a lifer a temporary absence in spite of a National Parole Board decision not … [Read more...]