Where’s the money?

April 11, 2022 National Magazine  / Canadian Bar Association – Dale Smith Budget 2022: What's in it for justice - Federal budget promises more superior court judges, legal aid. This week’s federal budget seems to have some money for more … [Read more...]

Can we last?

April 7, 2022 United Nations – IPCC Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability “The Working Group II contribution to the IPCC Sixth Assessment Report assesses the impacts of climate change, looking at ecosystems, biodiversity, … [Read more...]

Why pay?

April 4, 2022 CBC News – Catharine Tunney As Mounties celebrate pay raise, municipalities look to upcoming budget for federal help - As of April 1, constables can make more than $106K — a jump of $20K The news may be a good news / bad news … [Read more...]


Mar 28, 2022  Faculty of Arts - University of Regina Online March 31 as law professor Jennifer Llewellyn (Dalhousie University) delivers the 2022 Dr. Gordon Wicijowski Law Foundation of Saskatchewan lecture.  Re-imagining Public Safety:  … [Read more...]


Mar 24, 2022 Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP) - 50th anniversary Democracy under threat? Polarization and public policy in Canada - IRPP 50th Anniversary event series: What should be on Canada’s policy radar? IRPP is inviting … [Read more...]

RJ in practice…

Mar 11, 2022  CBC News – Haley Ryan Spouse of Portapique gunman to have criminal charge resolved - Lisa Banfield was one of 3 people charged with providing ammunition to gunman Lisa Banfield was charged with supplying ammunition to the … [Read more...]

Canadian freedoms

Mar 7, 2022 Ottawa Citizen – Lawrence Greenspon Using the federal Emergencies Act — Unfortunately, Canadians are always willing to trade away their freedoms - It was wholly unnecessary for Trudeau to use this legislation during the trucker … [Read more...]

A new welcome…

Feb 24, 2022  Human Rights Watch (Canada) - It’s time for Canada to truly welcome people seeking safety or a better life Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Canada have undertaken an effort to eliminate the use of jails and prisoner … [Read more...]

Real answers…

Feb 21, 2022 The Conversation (Queen’s) – Linda Mussel The end of the ‘freedom convoy’ in Ottawa: Why rejoicing when occupiers get arrested isn’t the answer Says Mussel:  “Carceral enjoyments -  — the satisfaction in seeing others … [Read more...]

Second chance…

Feb 10, 2022 CBC News In 13th day of protest, police warn of arrests, charges for those blocking streets - City of Ottawa also increases fines for noise, idling, fires to $1,000 One inevitable reaction of an annoyed public is why it is taking 13 … [Read more...]