More taxes, more cops, no difference…

Jan 19, 2023 CBC News – Metro Morning - Jason d’Souza Mayor John Tory defends new spending on police, 10-cent TTC fare hike on Metro Morning - Tory says many residents, business owners have pushed for bigger police presence in city What Tory is … [Read more...]

Police and human rights…

June 9, 2022 Toronto Star – Rachel Mendleson & Steve Buist Police across Canada repeatedly violating citizen rights, Torstar investigation finds The Toronto Star has a series of three articles called ‘Unchartered,’ first running today that … [Read more...]

Policing costs…

Aug 19, 2020 Toronto Star - Moya Teklu The high cost of anti-Black racism and policing The side of the defunding the police argument not heard yet from advocates or defenders is the question whether there is a cost involved in a specific racist … [Read more...]

Cost of justice…

  Aug 20, 2014  Toronto Star - Richard J. Brennan Cost of fire, police unsustainable, AMO president says  Russ Powers is the president of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.  The Ontario government and the Ontario Provincial Police jus … [Read more...]

More diplomacy…

 Aug. 15, 2014  CBC News Retiring Lt.-Gen. Stuart Beare says the world needs more diplomacy  Canada’s top military operations general retires with unusual military advice for the rest of Canada and the world:  Practice more diplomacy.   Beare … [Read more...]

Policing costs

February 13, 2013  Globe and Mail – John Ibbitson Death of Internet bill gives Toews new life to beat the drum on policing costs Ibbitson says that the government does not plan to renew the funding (expiring in April) for extra police officers put … [Read more...]

Mental health and criminal justice

January 30, 2013  International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy – Fifth National Symposium (January 2013)  - Alison MacPhail and Simon Verdun-Jones Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System While this paper excludes … [Read more...]

The Charter and the Law

 January 18, 2013  Vancouver Sun - Efrat Arbel and Peter Showler New immigrant detention policy tough on asylum seekers In a special report two lawyers and activists - Arbel and Showler co-chair the Advocacy Committee of the Canadian Association … [Read more...]

Health and hard time

  January 16, 2013 Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) – Adam Miller Health and hard time The association starts the first of a promising multi-part series on health issues in prisons.  The listing of areas of concern is part of this … [Read more...]