Who benefits from jails?

  July 9, 2014 Reclaim Justice  Network:  (UK) The penal industrial complex: who benefits?  This British Network is in the process of identifying who benefits and how from a policy that encourages incarceration as a response to crime.  The … [Read more...]

Income inequity as an election issue?

 Sept. 20, 2013  Globe and Mail – Armine Yalnizyan Five years of economic recovery have been far from equal   The question of income inequity is getting new focus because it is now seen to slow the recovery and to undermine the notion that … [Read more...]

Local response to crime

 Sept. 19, 2013 Telegram (St. John’s, NF)  Bonnie Belec Thinking outside the box  Faced with what is judged a prosperity driven increase in criminal activity, and a city council election, a slate of candidates is offering a variety of … [Read more...]

C-54 and NCR

 April 2, 2013 Vancouver Sun - Douglas Quan, Postmedia News Mental health organizations, researcher criticize proposed changes to legislation Anne Crocker, a professor of psychiatry at McGill University, is puzzled since she delivered to the … [Read more...]

Deaths in custody

There are about eight times as many deaths (from illness, homicides and suicides) in institutions, as in the population at large. While the stresses of prison life contribute to these numbers, there are often shortcomings in the prison response to … [Read more...]

Another Ashley?

December 3, 2012 BBC News:  Chris Page – Newsline Prisoner Ombudsman: Shortfalls in Frances McKeown's care Another preventable suicide, this time in Ireland, highlights the failure to provide effective mental health services to women. The case … [Read more...]