School and RJ…

Sept 6, 2016 Vancouver Sun – Tracy Sherlock B.C. educators look to bring restorative justice to the classroom The article offers some insight into the potential of an RJ approach to set lacking connections that result in mis-behaviour in … [Read more...]

Policing schools…

     Oct 27, 2015  Toronto Star – New York Times Video of South Carolina officer flipping, dragging black student sparks outrage - The girl and a male student were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace This is a startling video and … [Read more...]

Aboriginal justice…

    Aug. 16, 2015 The Pearson Centre for Progressive Policy – David Daubney Truth, Reconciliation and Prisons Citing a long standing over-representation of Aboriginals in Canada’s prisons, Daubney recalls the development of criminal justice … [Read more...]

Access to justice

  Jan 10, 2014  Globe and Mail - Editorial High-priced justice The editorial is commenting on the recent Canadian Bar Association report on access to justice, described as ‘abysmal’.  Estimates are that approximately one half of those … [Read more...]

Victims rights

  April 24, 2013  Department of Justice – Government of Canada Government of Canada Launches Consultations on the Victims Bill of Rights  Consultations open to the public will be hosted on-line from May 1 to June 30, 2013. Those … [Read more...]