Prison for punishment?

Nov.12, 2018 Global News - Amanda Connolly Terri-Lynne McClintic back in prison, Rodney Stafford says McClintic was convicted of the murder of 8 year old Victoria Stafford, sentenced to life in prison and later transferred to a healing lodge … [Read more...]

The prescription drug…

    Aug. 5, 2015 Globe and Mail – Jacqueline Nelson The high-stakes battle of medications, insurers and the government   While many drug users do not realize that there is a list of drugs called a formulary that any drug plan will pay for, … [Read more...]

A system of paralysis…

    May 14, 2015  CBC Radio – Anna Maria Tremonti Chris Hedges says America on road to revolution, even in Baltimore Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hodges is interviewed by Tremonti on the discontent in American cities and the US prison … [Read more...]

C-36: More SCC to come?

   June 7, 2014 National Newswatch – Don Lenihan Prostitution and the politics of justice   Lenihan, and most experts agree that the new prostitution laws will wind up challenged in court and that Peter MacKay has known the laws will not … [Read more...]