Trump in Canada?

Nov 12, 2016 Global News – Tanya Kohut Canadians disagree with Donald Trump’s victory, but agree with some of his policy: Ipsos poll Undoubtedly we Canadians will see much appraisal of how alike Canadian and American voters are in the light of … [Read more...]

New Year Launch!

    Jan. 8, 2016 CBC News Ex-police chief Bill Blair to handle Liberals' pot legalization file - Toronto's former top cop assigned leading role in marijuana legalization plan  All of a sudden, the marijuana file has gone well beyond the … [Read more...]

Life’s ploy…

     Aug 28, 2015  Hill Times-on-line – Tim Naumetz Canadians believe 'Life Means Life' Act an election ploy: poll  More than half those polled say that Harper’s ‘life-means-life’ announcement last week is an election ploy based on … [Read more...]


  July 31, 2014  MacLean’s – Paul Wells Harper’s pot wedge: Up in smoke   Wells thinks that the advocacy of the N.Y. Times editorial board for the legalization of marijuana, and the growing acceptance of that position in Canada, is … [Read more...]

Edward Nolan Day – 40th Anniversary Aug. 10

  July 28, 2014   John Howard Society - Backgrounder for Prisoner’s Justice Day - Introduction by Catherine Latimer, Executive Director, JHSC This Prisoners' Justice Day marks 40 years since Edward Nolan committed suicide in a segregation cell … [Read more...]

Beyond the crime blotter…

Jan. 30, 2014  London Free Press (ON) – Jennifer O’Brien LONDON GANGS: Beyond the (crime) blotter  O’Brien notes improved enforcement and then asks what else needs to happen to address the gang issue.  She roams a little to five … [Read more...]

Yet another glaring failure…

 Jan. 12, 2013  CBC News – Susana Mas First Nations treaty talks with Ottawa end in 'failure' - The Assembly of First Nations received $400,000 to fund a committee on treaties that never met  The Assembly of First Nations and the federal … [Read more...]

Block by block…

  Jan. 8, 2014  Winnipeg Free Press – Rick Linden Police alone can't cut crime rate  The city, the police and many of the community organizations have set up an innovative community crime prevention program called Block-by-Block which … [Read more...]

The tides of justice?

 July 27, 2013  MacLean’s – Ken MacQueen A closer look at falling crime statistics   MacQueen writes that the costs of policing are skyrocketing while the crime levels fall but that in spite of the contradiction and in spite of the … [Read more...]

Reserve life…

 July 24, 2013  Toronto Star ‘Ordinary Canadians’ get a taste of life on a northern Ontario reserve   A second year law student at Osgood Law School and a grandmother was one of 43 people who dared to accept an invitation to spend a week … [Read more...]