Cost of violent crime…

  Mar 4, 2014  CTV News Cost of violent crimes topped $12 billion in 2009: Justice Canada study   Justice Canada has examined five different violent crimes in 2009 in this latest study on the cost of violence.  The study excluded spousal … [Read more...]

CoSA loses federal funding

 Feb. 27, 2014  CoSA federal government funding ends the end of March  Advocates and volunteers alike in the most widely respected and effective program for working with sex offenders, Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA), are … [Read more...]

Anguish for a casualty of corrections…

  Feb. 26, 2014 Ed Note:  Today communiqué passes on a most moving story of the pain and worry behind imprisonment, especially of the mentally ill.  In the letter below Farhat Rehman, the mother of Rehan, describes her concerns to Howard … [Read more...]

Tough-on-crime vs soft-on-crime?

  Feb. 21, 2014  Huffington Post (Canada) – Altheia Raj Could Liberal Convention Proposals Make Trudeau Look Soft On Crime?   The reversal of the Conservative ‘tough-on-crime’ measures and the proposal to buy-back long guns have … [Read more...]

A safer society…

 Nov. 20, 2013  Brandon Sun – Ashley Prest Choice for safer society offered - Reconciliation rather than just punishment   The Indian and Metis Friendship Centre in Winnipeg helped celebrate RJ week at a kick-off event for community and … [Read more...]

Statistical nonsense?

  Oct. 27, 2013  CTV News A Visual Breakdown of Crimes Committed in Canada  Here are a few stats on crime and on the crime severity index in Canada.  So you thought the big cities lead the way?  This sort of reporting will certainly make you … [Read more...]


 Aug. 16, 2013  U.S. Attorney General Smart on Crime: Reforming the Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century  This document, released by the Attorney General offers five goals and five principles for implementing Smart-on-crime.  There are … [Read more...]

Remand and programs

 Aug. 12, 2013 Winnipeg Free Press - Oliver Sachgau Prisoners' mental health in spotlight - Overcrowding means lack of treatment, activists say   Kate Kehler, Acting Executive Director of John Howard Society, Manitoba, is advocating for the … [Read more...]

Mother and child…

 Aug. 8, 2013  Star Phoenix (Regina) - Hannah Spray  Psychiatric report ordered for teen who concealed baby’s body  A seventeen year pleaded guilty to neglecting to obtain assistance in child birth and concealing the birth of her baby.  … [Read more...]

Not lower, again?

 July 26, 2013 Globe and Mail – Jill Mahoney Canada’s crime rate drops to lowest level since 1972  The crime rate and the crime severity rate both dropped again in 2012, both by 3%.  Homicides are down by 10%, critics say the crimes in the … [Read more...]