May 8, 2020 Policy Options – Jude McCulloch and JaneMaree Maher The Intimate Connection between Mass Shootings and Violence against Women - The Nova Scotia attacks began with domestic violence. It fits a pattern that police, policy-makers and … [Read more...]

Hurry up!

Feb 29, 2020 Toronto Star - Warren (Smokey) Thomas, Contributor and president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union Ford hires U.S. firm to push Ontarians off welfare A hit team against the poor and vulnerable? A US company will get paid … [Read more...]

Legal scam?

Oct 20, 2018 Toronto Star – Patricia Winsa Letters to shoplifters threaten legal action if hundreds in damages aren’t paid — even if the goods are recovered Here’s a move that lawyers say depends on fear, threat, and ignorance of the law: … [Read more...]