Sept. 21, 2013  Restorative Works – Joshua Wachtel Rethinking the impact of traditional justice  Mental health counsellor and RJ advocate, Natalie DeFreitas offers some powerful and pointed reflections on crime and how we deal with crime … [Read more...]

Victims’ rights extension

 July 12, 2013  CBC News Advocates at odds over victims' rights bill   The federal government consultation on victims’ rights has had an extension of deadline for submission and participation but it also has had a considerable controversy … [Read more...]

We ain’t there yet!

May 20, 2013  Vancouver Province – I.M. GreNada We ain’t there yet!  A B.C. lifer reflects on an exchange between two advocates – one a victim’s advocate, the other a conflict mediator.  The views are contextualized by parenting … [Read more...]