Link to the Smart Justice movement

The Smart Justice movement is growing worldwide as well as in Canada. Discover it!

Prison Reform Trust (UK)

Smart Justice for Women aims to highlight the huge cost to society resulting from the unnecessary imprisonment of women, and the urgent need to invest in better community alternatives, through our new programme to reduce women’s imprisonment, kindly supported by the Pilgrim Trust. Their site includes information and a number of short audio clips by women with experience, as well as from police, magistrates, prison governors and those working with women in prison and in the community.

Smart Justice Alliance for a Safer Florida (FL, United States)

The Smart Justice Alliance’s goals are to: Make Florida’s communities safer; Save the taxpayers money; and Hold offenders accountable while providing the tools for them to live law-abiding lives.  Mission Number One for the Florida Smart Justice Alliance will be to forge consensus among the broad range of affected parties – including law enforcement, prosecutors and public defenders, the judiciary, state government, victim rights groups, service providers and the business community. Members of the Alliance are working to develop policies that: Minimize the extent to which children and the mentally ill are locked up; Incorporate assessment tools to effectively guide sentencing diversion alternatives and reentry; and Make greater system-wide use of evidenced-based programs that reduce costs and lower recidivism.

Smart Justice Australia

Smart Justice [Australia] seeks to enhance the safety of all Victorians by promoting understanding of criminal justice policies that are effective, evidence-based and human rights compliant. In short, Smart Justice is about smart action for a safer community.  The organisations involved in Smart Justice have a vast array of experience working in the criminal justice system with those affected by it; victims, offenders and others. “We know the impact of crime and we are passionate about promoting safe and vibrant communities.”

The Justice Policy Institute (United States)

The Justice Policy Institute is a national nonprofit organization that changes the conversation around justice reform and advances policies that promote well-being and justice for all people and communities. “Our research and analyses identify effective programs and policies and we disseminate our findings to the media, policymakers and advocates, and provide training and technical assistance supports to people working for justice reform.”

The Smart Justice Project (WA, United States)

The Smart Justice Project promotes a fair, efficient and safe public justice system and advocates for proven and effective alternatives to incarceration. It advocates for a reinvestment of pubic funds into a comprehensive approach to criminal justice that includes alternatives to jail such as mental health treatment, veterans’ court, drug and alcohol services and pre-trial diversion. “Funding and successfully implementing these services reduces the need for costly jail space. The result is a more efficient government and safer communities at a lower cost.”